Whether you love them or not - we all know a cold-pressed green juice is always a good decision, and if it's made well, it's definitely going to supercharge you and your day. 

We thought we would share our favourite go-to green recipe with you. Say hello to Green 02.


We bang on about balance A LOT, and this recipe is a perfect example. We want our juices to be nutritionally beneficial for you - but we also want you to enjoy them. That's important to us - I have heard numerous people call green juices 'pond scum' or 'wet grass' - thats not what we want our juices to taste like. If we can create a delicious recipe that is both full of nutrients and enjoyable, we're happy. 

SO what goes into our little friend G02? Its a super simple combo of Spinach, Kale (YAAS, Kale - trust us), Cucumber, Apple and Lemon. You've got the leafy greens in there that provide copious amounts of calcium and magnesium. The citrus brings in the all important Vit C and is great for that glowing skin we all wish for. You may be surprised by this but the cheeky cucumber has all sorts of good things going on, for one its great at helping our bodies to flush out toxins and fights heat from inside and outside of the body (we don't need that heat!) AND the good old trusty apple. Gives us a little sweetness and ALL of the antioxidants. 

All our juice is 100 % raw, and we make it daily at our Juice Kitchen before delivering to our lovely stockists or online customers. There is absolutely nothing added. No preservatives, no pasteurisation and no added extras. We love producing our product, and this is how we do it. 

5.30am - MARKET RUN. Little visit to see the boys at Bristol Wholesale Fruit Market (place of juicing dreams!) Here we handpick all our ingredients three times a week so we get the best, freshest produce to go into our juices. 


7.00 - JUICE HQ. Back to the factory to start the days juicing. With coffee. (Always a coffee after market runs!) All the fresh produce comes out of Tina the transit and straight into our cold room, his names Colin. Stay with me. 

8.00 - PREP. Post coffee we begin our days prep, hairnets and aprons on, this is a crucial part of our juicing process. All our produce gets thoroughly washed, air dried and separated ready to be pressed. 

10.00 - PRESS. All the ingredients for our G02 will then be pressed. This is pretty darn cool. If you haven't seen a cold-press juicer before it's in basic terms, a grinding blade and a hydraulic ram that presses the produce between two large plates. There's no blending, no heat, and no oxidisation. YAY for those nutrients!

12.00 - BOTTLING & CAPPING. If you know us, you'll know we are still small, and of course we still hand bottle (not resentful of that at all...) but in all seriousness our skills are pretty slick these days. No spilling that precious juice! Hand bottling gives us the opportunity to check every single bottle for quality, taste and texture so you are getting the very best. 

13.00 - LABELLING. Once bottled all our juice is labelled, dated and placed straight in the juice fridge to chill before packing. 

15.00 - PACKING. The point when the office gets filled with mountains of boxes... we begin sorting all our orders and preparing all our boxes for collection. 

16.00 - COLLECTIONS. All our fresh juices are packed and collected by our driver Craig who delivers them the next morning to all our lovely customers. 

16.30 - CLEAN. Our end of day clean down is epic on all levels. We clean between each recipe and then the end of the day calls for a deep clean of our machine, all equipment and surfaces. 

And we are done. Fresh produce is purchased in the morning, and the best, fresh juice is delivered 24 hours later. Then we go again : )

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Em x

Emma Frampton