Guest post: Meet nutritionist, Luisa

As a newly qualified nutritionist and long time health enthusiast, I have been including green juices in my diet for years. In a rushed environment as the one we live in, our food choices are often done without thinking about how they are going to affect us and if they are what our bodies really need. So when I haven't been mindfully choosing my meals I always make sure I get my dose of greens in a big juice. 


By juicing, we remove the fibre of the fruits and vegetables, making the nutrients more available to be absorbed. However, by removing the fibre we also reduce the time it takes for our bodies to break down the sugars in fruits, which means we may end up with a "sugar spike" and crash. This can aggravate unbalanced blood sugar levels. For this reason, I choose mostly vegetable juices with a maximum of 1 fruit per juice (if I'm having it on its own). If I fancy a beautiful and colourful fruit juice then I have it with a meal or a fat-full snack (never be scared of good fats! :)) like some nuts, oatcakes with nutbutter or the adored avocado on toast. This way the rate at which we absorb the sugars is reduced, keeping our blood sugar and energy levels steady. 

The way juices are made is also super important as some methods use high temperatures and drastically reduce the nutrient content of the veggies. That's why I only buy cold pressed, organic, raw juices or I make my own.

cold press juice

On weekends I like to make a big veggie juice and have it on an empty stomach. This may sound a bit extreme but it maximises the absorption of all the lovely nutrients. Lately I've been loving carrot juice to prolong the summer tan, but I choose according to what I feel my body needs. After a big night and few gin and tonics, I may go for a fennel and beetroot as they're very liver friendly. To help with digestive issues I use celery. If I've been in practice all week - as a dentist I'm in contact with heavy metals on a regular basis - adding lots of coriander is great to help get rid of toxins. I'm quite used to it now, but adding an apple or lemon really disguises the taste if you're new to this. 

The topic of health and nutrition has become very "trendy" recently, and as much as I love to see avocado-everything-everywhere, I believe it is important to keep a healthy mind and relationship with food and remember it is just that - food! Not something to punish yourself about or reward yourself with. So go on and enjoy your juice, even it's with a slice of brownie - Balance is key!


Credit to the lovely Luisa Aparicio, to follow more from her check out her Instagram @luziloop