Nuts about milk

It seems that recently nut milks have taken off, and here at The Juice Collective we are proud to produce our very own cold-pressed dairy free nut milks.

Nut milks are a fantastic alternative to the regular dairy option, whether you are lactose intolerant, vegan or just seeking a natural alternative to dairy, this could be a good choice. With an increasing amount of people becoming more concerned with dairy industry, as they are with the meat industry, nut milks are now common amongst many households, and for good reason. These dairy alternatives are not always chosen for what is in them, but more for what isn’t in them. Both of our Almond 01 and Cashew 01 are both free from dairy, soy and gluten and like all of our cold pressed juice are 100% raw and unpasteurised, to ensure no nutrients are lost.

Let's start with our Almond 01, a delicious, creamy drink made from Filtered water, Almonds, Vanilla and Pink Himalayan Salt.


The method

Much like our fellow fruit and vegetable cold pressed juices, both of our dairy alternative nut milks are made in a very similar way. The method begins slightly differently from our juices however, with the Almonds (having been soaked for 24 hours) being blended with filtered water to form a pulp.  This mixture then has Vanilla extract added to it, along with Pink Himalayan Salt. It is the salt that really activates the flavours in this drink, bringing out the vanilla as well as the creaminess of the almonds. Once we are satisfied that this mixture has a smooth consistency, we then transfer this mixture to our cold-press machine. As we do for our juices, the mixture is then poured into a press bag where a hydraulic press squeezes all of the moisture from mix, leaving us with a creamy Almond drink.

The benefits

One cup of Almond 01 contains well under half the calories of cow's milk, contains zero cholesterol and a very low level of saturated fat. It is also naturally rich in several vitamins, in particular Vitamin E. As our Almond 01 is sugar free, and high in protein it does not raise blood sugar levels making it suitable for diabetics.

Moving on to Cashew 01, a rich and creamy ‘Chocolate drink’ without the guilt, made from Filtered water, Cashews, Dates, Cacao powder and Pink Himalayan Salt.


The method

In a process almost identical to our Almond 01, we blend cashews (again, soaked for 24 hours), but this time with the addition of dates. When smooth, we mix in Cacao powder and Pink Himalayan Salt, then transfer this mix to our cold press machine where we pour it into a press bag before the hydraulic press extracts the liquid. What we are left with is a deliciously rich, creamy drink to satisfy all of your ‘dairy alternative chocolate drink’ needs..

The benefits

The same as Almond 01, Cashew 01 is far lower in calories than cow's milk, as well as containing no cholesterol and low levels of saturated fat. The cacao powder is an amazing source of magnesium, iron and is high in flavonoids, which have a high antioxidant activity. These antioxidants help absorb free radicals in our cells and tissues which have potential to damage cells, which over time can accelerate aging and increase the risk of developing cancer.

We love both of these dairy alternative drinks, and as good as they sound, they taste even better.. we promise! The Almond 01 is included as part of our cleanse, and of course they are both available individually here, in 250ml and 500ml bottles.


Should you have any questions about our dairy alternative milks, feel free to get in touch at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!