HPP is a term that you will often hear whilst on the subject of cold-pressed juice. Although this process is becoming more and more recognised now, not everyone knows exactly what it is or why companies use it, so lets take a closer look... 

HPP stands for ‘High Pressure Processing’. It is a form of pasteurisation, but in contrast to regular pasteurisation where heat is used to kill harmful bacteria, cold high pressure is applied to the external wall of the juice bottle instead. This process involves the raw juice being pressed and bottled as usual, before HPP takes place in the secondary stage. After the juices are bottled, they are then transferred into a large chamber that is filled with cold water to create a pressure so high, that it kills of any bacteria and therefor extends the shelf life of the product. No heat, just pressure. 

Once the juice has completed this process which takes just three minutes, the shelf life is extended to between 28-45 days, as opposed to the 3-5 days achieved with raw juices. This extended shelf life occurs due to spoilage micro-organisms being inactivated when put under high pressure, however the process only has a minor effect on the nutritional and enzyme content of the juice as no heat is applied, so the juice gets to keep all of its key health benefits. Yay!


For all our online orders, cleanses and juice packs we manufacture RAW juice. So no pasteurisation and NO hpp. This is for our customers who are passionate about raw juicing and are able to consume our products within 3 days from delivery. 

For our trade accounts/orders, we give you guys the option. You can choose between our RAW range or you can opt for a longer shelf life product and that's where HPP comes in. The longer shelf life range gives you more control over stock and less deliveries which is more economical for you and your business. The best thing is, it still gives you a healthy, low sugar, pure juice - with all the benefits your customers are looking for. 

We are honest, and as much as we love raw juice, we are lucky to have such a fantastic way to cold-pasteurise our products for those that need those extra days shelf life. We will NEVER use heat in any of our processing as we believe cold-press to be the best possible way to drink juice. 

This gives us a great balance, and that's what we are all about. 

For more information please give us a call on 07841506412 or email info@thejuicecollective.co.uk