We get a lot of people ask us the question 'why do you cold-press your juices?' So I thought I would shine a little light onto our reasons for creating juice this way. 

At The Juice Collective our mission is simple - we want to provide you with a product that is fuss free, that means no added extras, no preservatives and no heat treatment. Just a pure, fruit and veg juice that we know is full of those all important nutrients that our precious bodies need. 

Its not always easy to fit in your 5 a day - we get that, we are all living in a hectic world where our health and wellbeing (as much as we try not to let it!) can quite often be the last thing we think about after a hard days grind. With this in mind, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get hold of those all important nutrients in each bottle, without the worry of preparing it yourself. 

It’s been proven that heat damages the vital enzymes and nutrients that we are trying to extract from the juice in the first place, so by cold-pressing our ingredients instead of blending centrifugally, we are preserving those nutrients as best as we possibly can. When juicing centrifugally, which is a very popular method to use at home - you create not only a lot of heat, but also oxidisation which will degrade the nutrients extremely quickly. This is what we wanted to avoid.Quite simply, we cold press to ensure you get the optimal nutritional benefits from every colourful drop. 

We believe in balance. We live well, we look after ourselves but we enjoy life to the full and make the most of each day. If we can help you find your balance by providing nutritious juices that slot effortlessly into your busy life and give you a much needed boost, then we’ve done a good job.

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Emma Frampton