What is cold press juice?

Cold pressed juice refers to the method used of extracting the juice from the fruit and vegetables using a hydraulic press. First, the produce is ground to a pulp, before being squeezed in a hydraulic press under a huge amount of pressure, extracting maximum nutrients. As the name suggests, no heat is used in the process as it is in centrifugal juicing, therefore preserving all enzymes and good bacteria which are otherwise often lost.

How is cold press different from centrifugal juicing?

Centrifugal juicing is different from cold press in several ways. Centrifugal juicing grinds up the fruit and vegetables using a fast spinning blade, before the pulp is then spun at a very high RPM which in turn extracts the juice. The problem with this method is that due to the extremely fast spinning, heat is generated. In turn, this destroys enzymes and other nutrients. This method does also not extract anywhere near as much juice from the pulp as cold pressing does, which is where all the goodness is.

How long will my juices last?

As our juices are all raw and unpasturised, they will have a 4 day life from the day they are pressed. Upon arrival, your juices will have 3 days before needing to be consumed, as they are delivered the morning after they have been pressed. Your juices will arrive in chilled packaging, but it is important to keep them refrigerated as soon as they have been delivered.

What are the benefits of cold press juice?

As the juices do not undergo heat pasturisation none of the good bacteria, enzymes and nutrients are lost, meaning that every juice we make is packed full of all the goodness that it should be. There are many benefits of cold pressed juice, due to our juices being packed full of nutrients, your immune system will be given a huge boost by all that good bacteria. The juices will also give you tons of energy, delivering nutrients which will be absorbed in your body and helping balance your pH levels.  Of course, all fruit and vegetables that go into our juices have their own health benefits, so keep an eye on our blog for the latest write up on benefits of our produce.

My juice has separated, is that normal?

Yes, absolutely. Separation is completely natural, and shows us there is nothing added to stop that happening (no nasties!) All it takes is a gentle shake to bring it all back together.

When will my juices be delivered?

Our juices can be delivered either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday on a pre-10am service. Your juices will arrive in chilled packaging, but as soon as you receive your juices they should be kept refrigerated. If you know you will not be there for the delivery, please leave a delivery note of a safe place we can leave the juice, or a neighbour who can keep it refrigerated for you.

How should i prepare for my cleanse?

In the 48 hours leading up to your cleanse there are a few things we advise doing/not doing to maximise the effects of cleansing. Processed foods, artificial sweeteners, fried foods, coffee and alcohol should be avoided. It is important not to overeat, or eat too close to when you go to bed. Instead, choose herbal teas, lots of vegetables, salads and other unprocessed foods. Avoid excessive exercise (we suggest some yoga or pilates) and make sure you get a good night's sleep. Upon arrival of your cleanse we will provide you with some helpful hints and tips of how to enjoy your cleanse, along with a herbal tea.

Who are your stockists?

We have a list of our stockists here, be sure to keep an eye on it as it is always growing! If you are interested in stocking our juices, please get in touch at info@thejuicecollective.co.uk.